Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Girly Gift for $10!!

One of my friends came to visit me these holidays, and since we hadn't really seen each other over Christmas, we both gave each other small presents. She has similar interests to me than some of my friends, so I got her the ultimate girly gift with some of my favourites, costing $10 with: 
Sex and the City Essentials Fashion DVD (3 episodes) $2.50, Peter Alexander Sleep mask $4, and Licorice soap $3.50. The gift she gave me will be in the next post!!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Birthday Presents From Myself..

On my birthday I went up to my university city so that I could spend new years and the evening of my birthday with my friends. While I was there I did a lot of shopping, and bought these things::
Mini-Trench coat, spotted blouse, orange shirt, and body-con striped skirt all from Country Road and Trenery outlet store,
Runaway girl stirling silver necklace by Karen Walker, (If you buy at Silver Moon and join the club while purchasing you will get a $20 voucher for spending over their reward limit ;)) 
Neon skull candles from Glassons (saw them at a gift shop for $27, but got them on sale for $6.50), and Running shoes and socks from New Balance.

Twin Pyjama Pattern Christmas Gift

This is a very late christmas present for my twin cousins, I got so uninspired I had to wait 9 days and get them my back-up gift for everything, Peter Alexander pyjama shorts.
Sorry! They live in a much warmer area of the country, so summery pjs is appropriate, and to add a hint of pajama set pattern clashing, I picked up two eye masks also.
Even though twins hate matching presents, it's so much fun to still do it, even when they're 18! One is more of a tomboy (cherry pattern) and one is more feminine (Balloons).