Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Auckland Holiday


We went up to Auckland for a 5 day girls' trip, and so it was completely girly, we went to Taylor Swift, so we went to her concert, and for some reason none of us can really remember it...? Because there was at one point 10 of us, and at the lowest, 6, we booked a room in a backpackers which was an experience..
I bought like two things, but like 50 mil+ meals haha. We also saw too actors who play murderers from our national soap opera, one who was wearing a backpack at a bar. On the last night it was our friend's birthday so we ventured into the kitchen and had cake, pony plates etc... then attempted to go on all floors of the backpackers in our pyjamas with party hats on to take pictures of all the ugly murals on each floor, but ended up not being able to get onto certain floors, taking the stairs and awkwardly running into a guy on the Egyptian floor. 

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