Friday, 18 April 2014

University Orientation Mardi Gras

My friends and I went to an event for the first week back at university, which was in the theme of 'Mardi Gras'. On the website it said 'dress in crazy colours (purple green and gold)' which I found humorous because those are some of the least bright colours I know. It was a cold day, but I ended up wearing a bohemian-esque crop top from an op shop, a black body-con skirt which was a gift from my granny from England (haha), purple Dr Martens, a string with purple flower things on it (which I found around my house), and a bag which was also given to me by my Aunty. My friend Kirsten's outfit was my absolute favourite, her gold shorts are the cutest, and we helped her choose her sweater which is from Cotton On. Her outfit is also very her with the cat ears and jelly shoes haha. One of my friends wore purple, green and yellow instead of gold, and I almost sang her that song by Hilary duff that goes 'you always dress in yellow when you wanna dress in gold,' haha.
In the days leading up to the event we spent them sending each other pictures of on-theme nail polish, realized how many things in our room that were not clothes, were purple, green and gold, and  every time we looked at clothes in our wardrobe that would be good for dancing would go 'oh I could wear this to Mardi Gras!' then would realize it was red. 
 In the end a band which I didn't know played with cool pictures in the background like cats and BeyoncĂ©, we got very squished in a crowd, got three strings of beads, tried to find our crushes, and got photobombed.

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